Journalists from one of the largest Croatian daily newspapers visit P3, left inspired

Journalists had the opportunity also to meet part of the team working on a new urban mobility ecosystem. Among others, readers were introduced to Paul Thomas, the company's chief engineer, Giovanni Duc, vehicle designer, Margareta Vidiš, head of service development, Franka Anić, app designer, Danilo Bunčić, infrastructure director and Luka Šonjić, iOS developer.

Marko confirmed for Jutarnji that by the end of 2024, we will have a pilot robotaxi service in Zagreb, with autonomous vehicles on the roads. At the same time, users will be able to order their ride via our app, with high-end service that includes vehicles and infrastructure at their disposal.

Our CEO also explained that developing autonomous driving in an urban environment is highly complex, which is why the company decided to collaborate with a global company on its implementation in the P3 vehicles.

Project 3 Mobility system will be made for a wide range of users, but it will also have some interesting features. For example, the user will be able to connect their calendar to the app, so that the robotaxi waits for them every morning in front of the building at a specific time. Also, they will be able to remotely adjust the seats, air conditioning, and many other things in the car. The benefits for cities from such a project are numerous, while research indicates that 9,500 robotaxis in a city the size of Milan can free up 30 percent of parking lots.

Read more about what else we shared with Jutarnji list and what it is like to work in a company working on the next generation of urban mobility system at the following link.