Experienced German expert Alexander Graf von Pfeil is the new CBO of Project 3 Mobility

Project 3 Mobility, a Croatia-based startup developing a new mobility ecosystem, has strengthened its management team by adding a new strategic position of the Chief Business Officer (CBO) and appointing Alexander Graf von Pfeil to the position. He is a German business strategist with ample experience in establishing and positioning companies on the global market.

Alexander Graf von Pfeil is joining Project 3 Mobility after spending the past few years as the General Manager at Lime, the world’s largest micro-mobility company for shared electric vehicles, particularly electric scooters and bikes.

“I am extremely pleased to be a part of the talented P3 team and their management. As the mobility industry is shifting toward autonomous vehicles, I am confident that with its innovative approach Project 3 Mobility will change the way transportation as we know it is used. I am happy to be a part of that story and participate in the further development of the company that has a clear goal – to shape the future of urban autonomous mobility,” stated Alexander Graf von Pfeil, CBO at Project 3 Mobility.

The German expert will be in charge of the growth and global recognition of the startup, which is working on the development of an autonomous electric vehicle, specialized infrastructure, and a complete service platform.

“Alexander’s arrival in our team has strengthened our company. Primarily, he will be responsible for service development and positioning, and infrastructure coordination in Croatia and abroad. His experience in the mobility industry and previous work with European startups will help us execute our vision on the global market. It is great that our project constantly attracts highly motivated experts, who share the same vision and want to offer our users a completely new approach to urban mobility,” explained Marko Pejković, CEO of Project 3 Mobility.

Alexander Graf von Pfeil has joined the team in the Croatian office in Sveta Nedelja. The experienced strategist has built his professional career by working for several successful companies around the world, from Australia and Southeast Asia to the UK, Austria, and Germany. Alexander has proven his expertise by developing Uber in the UK and Germany, and Uber Eats in Austria.

With offices in Croatia and the UK, Project 3 Mobility continues to expand and strengthen its team. Given the innovative solution that will change transportation in urban areas, the project has attracted multiple experts: in less than a year, P3's team has grown from 76 to 200 members. By the end of the year, the company plans to increase the number of its employees to 300. Additionally, Project 3 Mobility plans to open new positions in Croatia and the UK and hire experts in different fields, including design, vehicle development, production, software platform development, and infrastructure.